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This show is for entrepreneurs and investors who want to learn how to invest in all markets. This easy-to-follow advice will show you how to make money during all of the market changes. Learn from accomplished investor Paul Gabrail as he guides you through the economic cycles and gives you real strategies that will help you take advantage of the current market.

Inside each episode, Paul talks about his experience and talks to others about their experiences in life, business, and investing. Paul pulls you into his world and shares with you what it takes to grow your real estate portfolio.


When I met Paul, I was working my job as a substitute teacher and doing painting and flooring jobs on the side barely making ends meet. After developing a relationship with Paul through a mutual friend, we started a business where we sell sports and fitness accessories. After 3 years of being in business, the company profits in 1 month were more than my yearly income when i was painting, installing flooring, and substitute teaching. By partnering with Paul and applying the strategies that it takes to run a successful business, we're growing every year with astronomical potential growth in the future. I'm glad that I made the decision to join him. The decision has changed my family's life.

-Rahman M. | Atlanta, Georgia


I have been working with Paul for about 7 years or so now. What I am most impressed by is his understand of the numbers and ability to use data to make decisions and not emotions. He is truly a unique person to work with as he is always willing to GIVE and HELP. He has become someone I now call and communicate with on all my business dealings because I trust him.

-Darnell S. | Cleveland, Ohio




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